How to learn Functional Reactive Programming with the Combine Framework

So you are here because you want to learn Apple’s new framework Combine, but you are not sure how to start? – I am going to share with you the best resources that I used to learn Combine and some that I wish I found earlier. I have 3 different categories: books, courses, and free video/ tutorials, so you can take your pick.

Side Note: I know Combine is introduced in June 2019, so it technically cannot be called new anymore. However, the lack of material and documentation from Apple keeps this impression up, at least for me.

Great tutorials and blog posts to start with Combine

Courses to learn Combine for iOS and SwiftUI

The Swifty Combine Course 23h ⭐️⭐️⭐️

at SwiftyPlace $99

  • this is my own course, so I am obviously recommending it.
  • the course covers all the fundaments for functional reactive programming
  • 3 great demo projects
  • all examples in UIKit and Swifty
  • advanced topics: error handling, networking with URLSession, unit tests and dependency injection, and profiling with Timelane in Instruments
  • special for UIKit: architecture pattern with MVVM, Coordinator pattern and Combine data streams
  • special for SwiftUI: MVVM and data flow with property wrappers and Combine
  • at the end of this course, you will have an advanced knowledge of Combine and can write complex applications with Combine

A Crash Course in Combine

at Point Free

  • Basic introduction to Combine
  • They show how to use Combine for the Composable Architecture
  • They also have a mini-course about SwiftUI and State Management
  • The platform uses a subscription model

Books for the Combine framework

Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift

for $59  at

  • This is a very good book to understand the basics.
  • Beginner friendly, especially if you just start with functional reactive programming
  • Some of the code is outdated.
  • There are not a lot of examples for SwiftUI.
  • The last larger project was not very useful to me. I had to put everything together. I wish I could have written more Combine code for it.

Practical Combine by Donny Wall

for $29.99

  • I found this a very good read. But it is not as complete as the Ray Wenderlich book.
  • If you are already familiar with reactive programming, you are going to enjoy this.
  • Lots of examples for networking
  • Up to date, with good resource recommendations.

Using Combine

a great free online book github repo

  • If you are already familiar with reactive programming, you are going to enjoy this.
  • It is a large collection of Combine code but not good for beginners.

Understanding Combine

free online book

  • a large collection with good examples

Fun stuff: interactive material to master Combine

  • iOS app to learn Combine operators here 🤩
  • Interactive diagrams for Rx Observers. You can learn about Operators with marble diagrams here.
  • Combine and RxSwift has a lot in common. You can find a RxSwift to Combine Cheatsheet here.

Let me know if I should add something to the list. I will gladly review it 🤓.

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