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SwiftyPlace is the go-to website for everything app development with Swift

I share tips and tricks to help you take your app development to the next level. With my background in Physics, I love exploring how things work and finding new ways to use them – which I share on SwiftyPlace. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, I’ve got you covered.

Who am I?

I have studied Physics and have a PhD. I love exploring new technologies. Because I have a research mindset, I often go deep into the nitty little details and try to push to the absolute limits to see what is possible, what is working and what is not so good.

I also have a passion for teaching which I developed when I was working with the university. Now I can continue this and share my knowledge on YouTube and through my courses 😍

I have been learning Swift and iOS development since late 2019 and continue to develop my skills. In 2021, I started working as a mid-level iOS developer for a German Mobile App Development Agencies. I liked working in a team but prefer the freedom of working by myself as an online teacher.

My goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to successfully build and publish iOS /macOS/watchOS apps in the App Store.

I want you to build the best possible apps that your users love and you can be proud of.

Let’s be real: There is no perfect app without bugs. But we have to raise our standards from simple plain apps to build something amazing ⭐️.

Most online teachers in the development space talk about simple and easy demo apps. I want to go further and teach you the tools and strategies for a full production-ready app. I will show you all the implementation details that I find important and necessary so that you can speed up your development process without sacrificing your app’s quality and performance.

I want to help you navigate the ever-changing and evolving development world. 

Stay ahead of the curve and boost your developer career. 😁

Karin Prater Youtube Channel

I have a popular Youtube channel where I teach how to build amazing apps with Swift, SwiftUI and Xcode

Check it out
Karin Prater YouTube channel

Meet My Personal Project: Assocy

Assocy is a smart study app. Write notes, organize your material with mind-maps, and leverage your creativity.

Everything you can see with this project was fully done by me. From the app idea, design and iOS development. The app has been published in the App Store in February 2020 and since then I have uploaded new and improved versions on a regular basis.

Go to Assocy Website

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